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Popular Courses by subject

  • Finance

Accounting Fundamentals, Budgeting, Drawing up a project budget

  • Professional Effectiveness

Business writing basics, Writing techniques, Successfully adapt your message, Preparing and structuring an oral presentation, Effective Delegation, Six Sigma Green Belt, FMD Pro

  • Conflict Management

Strategies for Resolving Conflicts, Dealing with Conflict.

  • Languages

French, English and Spanish (multiple courses)

  • Information Technology

IT Security for End Users, Network Management, Microsoft Excel Advanced.

  • Management and Leadership

Leading Teams, Motivating and Optimizing Performance, Leading Remote Employees.

  • Project/Program Management

Project Management for Non- Project Managers, Project Management, PMDPro

  • Sample Program Areas

Nature Conservancy – Introduction to GIS for Conservation, FAO – Availability Assessment and Analysis, Inter-Agency Standing Committee- Gender Equality in Programming.